Our firm which has been operating in carob trade since 1945 is the sector leader with high production capacity in carob trade and processing with "AKDENİZ HARNUP ve GIDA KATKI MADDELERİ SAN. TİC. A.Ş." title.

AKDENİZ HARNUP A.Ş. was established in Organized Industry Zone of Mersin which is a port city on the southern coast of Turkey.

AKDENİZ HARNUP A.Ş. started producing carob powder and carob molasses (syrup) by processing carob in its cutting-edge technology factory under international hygiene conditions.

AKDENİZ HARNUP A.Ş. set a course by following developments in alternative medicine with strong team which united knowledge, skills and experience and by examining the therapeutical effect on human health, offered natural herbs to service of consumers.

AKDENİZ HARNUP A.Ş. focused his work on carob which has been one of the most valuable sources of nutrition that Mediterranean flora has to offer, and processing natural herbs which have been used in Anatolia for health, offered to its customers as ÖZDEN brand.

AKDENİZ HARNUP A.Ş. does not use any additives on herbal products it processes and lets them to grow spontaneously in the nature (without any pesticide), therefore, this becomes the most important reason to be chosen by aware consumers who choose healthy food.

AKDENİZ HARNUP A.Ş. is the leader of the sector in producing carob product groups with high productive capacity.

AKDENİZ HARNUP A.Ş. has a difference in production process which is the most distinctive feature from its competitors. Low temperature used in production protects the nutritional value of vitamin, mineral and other elements in the product. Low heat treatment gives high antioxidant activity to products. Our products are 100% NATURAL and have ANTIOXIDANT capacity and it is certified by analysis conducted by Mersin University Food Engineering Department.