Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is composed of hundreds of grains with small seeds of Lythraceae family, slightly sour and grown in mild climates, especially in Anatolia and Iran; Aegean and Southeastern Anatolia in Turkey.

Pomegranate takes place in medicinal herbs literature. Generally it is eaten or drunk as nutritional, curing drug or as antidote within certain mixes, or used as a pomad externally. Not only the fruit but also its flower, seeds, juice and peels are used as medicinal within certain mixes. Pomegrante strengthens the body and the heart, stops diarrhea, killing turbellaria, and helping with nose pollyps. Pomegranate syrup is three times more antioxidant than red wine and green tea.

Pomegranate strengthens the immune system thanks to antioxidants it contains.

One of the most important properties of pomegranate is that it protects general vascular health and especially the heart. Pomegranate which has the effect to decrease embolism, also decreases blood pressure by deactivating 'ACE' enzyme. Pomegranate leaves other fruits being with its special functions. For example, antioxidant level of pomegranate is equal to that of 10 glasses of green tea or 4 glasses of cranberry juice.

Pomegranate which is almost a medicine and natural antibiotics should always be at the tables. Pomegranate is also effective against arteriosclerosis.

Pomegranate molasses not only from produced from its seeds but from all parts causes antioxidant effect of this juice to increase. Peels of this fruit includes alkaloid, tanen and glycoside. Therefore it is diarrhea stopper and worm killer. Pomegranate peel extract is anti-virus. Also, it is curative for wounds and infections of the skin. Pomegranate has diuretic, hemanitic, energy-giving and blood pressure decreasing properties.

Some known benefits of pomegranate:
• Regulates blood pressure positively.
• Protects heart and supports its proper operation.
• Protects and increases body resistance against infection.
• Gives energy and unwinds.
• Diuretic, thus, has detox ability.
• Strengthens immune system, protects against diseases.
• Regulates cholesterol and blood sugar.
• Increases beneficial bacteria and kills intestine parasites.
• Prevents diarrhea and cures it.
• It is good for the skin, provides smooth view.
• Good against skin infections.

These are not doctor notice or suggestion. These are only informative.