Role of Calcium in Body

As it is known that, human body is made of cells. Cells form tissues, tissues form organs. Organs form systems in our body (digestive, circulation, musculoskeletal etc.). Operation of these systems shapes on two fundamental factors, genetics and nutrition. No doubt that people have the chance to change their health with lifestyle and nutrition. In other words, our daily nutrition style is effective against delaying to encounter with serious health problems which may occur in the future and/ or reducing it.

In our daily life, one of the healthiest minerals is calcium. In cells, it works in heart and musculoskeletal spasm, hormone release, cell division and enzyme reactions. Enzymes are workers when considering human body as a factory.

Outside the cell, calcium is effective in blood clotting and bone formation, bones and teeth has 99% of calcium. Calcium mineral is the constituent of musculoskeletal system with phosphor and magnesium.

Calcium Need of Our Body
Daily calcium need is 800 mg. In a healthy and balanced diet, calcium inadequacy is not a frequent problem. Notwithstanding, there are special physiologic periods (osteoporosis, menopause etc.) where calcium need increase. Before these periods, daily calcium need can increase up to 1200 mg. Agening, herbal phthalates, oxalads and stress decrease calcium absorption and increase the need.

Consuming sources rich in calcium is beneficial for bone and teeth health. Milk and dairy products, legumes, carob, egg and grains are rich in calcium.

ÖZDEN Carob Molasses (Syrup) has 94.8mg/100 ml calcium and it meets 11.85% of daily calcium need of a healthy person.

These are not doctor notice or suggestion. These are only informative.