Role of Magnesium in Body
Effects of magnesium can be well seen especially in those who do sports. As a result of sweating and physical activity during sports, water and electrolyte loss occurs in body. As a consequence, magnesium value in blood decrease fast and muscle cramps occur. Therefore, magnesium lost due to intense sweat, should be taken back into body with water.

One of the important missions of magnesium minerals is to play crucial role with calcium for protecting the balance of bone structure. The magnesium can be found in the 60% of our bones, 20% of our skeletal muscles, 19% of our other cells and 1% outside the cells. Magnesium, one of eleven vital minerals crucial to human body, takes part in all metabolic operations where blood sugar transforms into energy.

Magnesium Need of Our Body
Lifestyle changes, changing food habits changes the magnesium we need and we intake. An adult, depended upon age and gender, should take 300-350 mg of magnesium everyday according to German Nutrition Union (DGE) and World Health Organization (WHO).

ÖZDEN Carob Molasses (Syrup) has 45.36 mg/100 ml magnesium and it meets 15% of daily calcium need of a healthy person.

These are not doctor notice or suggestion. These are only informative.