Molasses, due to its high sugar content, is a good carbohydrate and source of energy. Also, it contains minerals intensely. Molasses, especially, meets the daily need of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium to an important extent. Due to the high amounts of mineral and absorption ratios, it is suggested to take part in the diet of pregnants, breastfeeders, tuberculosis patients, and those in recovery periods.

One of the main nutrition elements which the molasses (syrup) is also a very good source is chrome. Chrome content of tissues decreases significantly in pregnancy and with malnutrition and with increasing age. Crome is found in the structure of glicose tolerance factor. And by the usage with insulin it affects glicose metabolism. Considering that chrome amount in food decreases as a result of refination process, this marks the importance of crome in molasses.

* It has important benefits in anaemia patients.
* It is good for stomach diseases, especially ulcer.
* It is beneficial against asthyma and bronchitis diseases.
* It increases body resistance to cold.
* It is an energy source for athletes.
* It helps growing and developing babies.
* It helps intelligence development in children.
* It is effective against mouth and throat diseases as mouthwash.
* It is used commonly agains aphta which is seen frequently in children.

These are not doctor notice or suggestion. These are only informative.