What are Antioxidants?
Cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, chimney gases, sunlight, pesticides, hormonal vegetables and fruits are significant factors affecting our health negatively due to free radical formation. These external factors combined with stress and life-style can cause the free radicals to create permanent problems in serious extent in cells and organs. Free radicals can damage DNA which is the main structure of cells and increase cell deaths, cause agening, cancer, heart diseases, lung diseases and cataract.

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and prevent chain reactions which can cause lots of diseases including cancer. Antioxidants which prevent the body from damages and external factors are very important for our health. We should support the continuity of our immune system in order to prevent free radicals leaking inside and giving harm. As a result, our body strengthens against cardiovascular diseases and prevents free radical formation.
Antioxidant materials which are proven to be healthy by medical researches decrease the risk of serious health problems combined with anin the event of gaining an active lifestyle and better diet conditions. Therefore, antioxidant materials are not drugs, just supportive materials when used right for good health.

How much does our body need antioxidant?
Required amount can change due to diet and health conditions of persons. It should be considered to have high antioxidant food for meeting necessary levels of antioxidants. Since our carob molasses (syrup) is produced under low heat, it is proven that it has high antioxidant activity with the analysis conducted by Mersin University Food Engineering Department.

These are not doctor notice or suggestion. These are only informative.