Our firm which has been operating in carob trade since 1945 is the sector leader with high production capacity in carob trade and processing with “AKDENİZ HARNUP ve GIDA KATKI MADDELERİ SAN. TİC. A.Ş." title.

AKDENİZ HARNUP A.Ş. was established in Organized Industry Zone of Mersin which is a port city on the southern coast of Turkey.

AKDENİZ HARNUP A.Ş. started producing carob powder and carob molasses (syrup) by processing carob in its cutting-edge technology factory under international hygiene conditions.

AKDENİZ HARNUP A.Ş. started investments in mass production after producing locust bean gum in 2007 as a result of R&D work started with its specialized research team.

AKDENİZ HARNUP A.Ş. started production of locust bean gum in its cutting-edge technology high capacity factory with international hygiene conditions by harvesting the investments conducted in 2008.

AKDENİZ HARNUP A.Ş. continued its investments and takes pride in being the locust bean factory with the single highest capacity of Turkey, outperforming its competitors each day.

AKDENİZ HARNUP A.Ş. continues to send its products all around the world branded as AKDENİZ HARNUP A.Ş. by exporting-importing and producing food additives.