Due to its high sugar content, it is a good carbohydrate and source of energy. Also, it contains minerals intensely. Molasses, especially, meets the daily need of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium to an important extent. Due to the high amounts of mineral and absorption ratios, it is suggested to take part in the diet of pregnants, breastfeeders, tuberculosis patients, and those in recovery periods.

Molasses are also a very good source of crome. Crom content of tissues decrease in pregnancy and with malnutrition and with increasing age. Crome is found in the structure of glicose tolerance factor. Insulin use affects glicose metabolism. As a consequence of refination, crome amount in food decreases; this marks the importance of crome in molasses.

Like in different molasses (syrup), grape molasses (syrup) is much higher than required value of phosphor and calcium. Phosphor and calcium can be found in lots of food however, in them, only when phosphor is low and calcium is high, body can absorb calcium. In molasses, phosphor ratio is lower than calcium, it provides a calcium source. Phosphor and calcium can recuperate the balance in intestines and bring calcium absorption to appropriate value. In molasses (syrup), there is at most 85 mg phosphor.

On the other hand, since calcium value is very high, calcium-phosphor balance in desired values. Therefore, grape molasses (syrup) has necessary amount of calcium and phosphore to provide calcium for children. Molasses are used as a calcium and phosphor source.

Energy taken from oils transforms into work energy by the help of protein, vitamin and Fe taken from other food groups. Sugar is merely an energy source. There is sugar in bread and bulgur. The most valuable sweet is molasses (syrup). When need of much energy, molasses (syrup) can be given to athletes, workers, pregnants and brestfeeding mothers.

Iron inadequacy is one of the most important nutrition problems of emerging and developed countries. 10% of the families in our country are in iron inadequacy. Since iron is found mostly in hemoglobins, iron inadequacy causes decrease in oxygen carrying to cell which leads to exhaustion and anaemia. Most of the daily food (if no aware choices) does not meet iron need, this can cause problems especially in children, pregnants and vegetarians. Iron taken in pills can cause stomach pain, since iron absorption in herbal food is low, there can be anaemia in people who are not consuming animal food due to economical problems. This molasses can meet 1/3 of daily iron need.

Magnesium is, similar to potassium, related with liquid balance. It provides proper operation of muscles and digestive system. Since calcium, potassium and magnesium work together, molasses (syrup) is important due to its rich content of these elements.


Increases blood in body.
Gives energy.
Is an appetizer.
Beneficial for pregnancy and baby development.
Strengthens stomach, intestines and kidneys.
Good against arteriosclerosis.
Relieves blood circulation.

These are not doctor notice or suggestion. These are only informative.