Antiseptic, antihemorragic, scar and burn remedy, inflammation preventive this miraculous oil, has also lots of more healing properties. It is used both as externally and by drinking for healing diseases. Due to its cell regeneration function, it is effective especially in burns and scars.

Centaury oil incorporates the remedy of both centaury plant and olive oil. Centaury oil, which has been used from antique ages, is proven to be disinfectant and vasoconstrictive in modern researches. I truly suggest you to take one at home. You may need it when least expected. When you see the effects of it after you use, you will not give it up and you will suggest it to people around.

Centaury oil is used successfully in all kinds of scars. Open wounds, fresh wounds, cuts, bruises, bruises due to hits etc. can be cured by it. Centaury oil;

*Prevents germ activity with its antiseptic property.

* Prevents inflammation on the scar with anti-inflammation property.

*Stops bleeding with its vasoconstrictive property.

*With cell generation property, it makes the wound close fast.

*At the same time, it stops the pain due to wound and provides relief when used externally.

In burns and blanches centaury oil should be the number one helper. It cures burns in no time and takes the pain away. It prevents inflammation and infection of the wound. You can use centaury oil in sunburns also. You will feel relief right after you use it on the burnt area. Your burns will be cured shortly.

For internal wounds and bleeding due to accidents, it is used by drinking.

Due to its vasoconstrictive function, it helps internal bleeding stop.

In hematomas and glands it is used by spreading to related area and a massage is performed afterwards.

In order to have a smooth skin, you can use it for skin care.

User Advice: I would like to say that centaury oil is so much effective in heat rash in babies. I use centaury oil rather than a cream for rashes and the result is great.

For stomach pain in babies, centaury oil stops the pain and cries of the baby.

Usage: Massage the stomach of crying baby with slow movements with your right palm. Please don't forget to let them know you love them while massaging.

It is used as massage oil in back pain, lumbago, sciatica and rheumatism. However, it is used in these problems with 1/10 juniper or thyme oil (or both). With this oil, region with pain is massaged. You will feel an immediate relief. In addition to different herbal cures, this message will cure you completely.

It helps blood sugar decrease when used internally. It also cures effectively varicosities by its vasoconstrictive function.

It is used internally in stomach pain and ulcer.

Those who feel cold in the feet should use centaury oil. I had that problem and one of my elders suggested that I should use centaury oil-thyme oil mix on my heels. Last winter I did not feel cold in my feet. Also, you should not cross your legs. This locks the energy circulation and makes feet cold.

Warning: it is not suitable to drink more than one coffee spoon.

What do you say, we are right about having centaury oil always at home, right? We think you need to buy centaury oil and put it at your home somewhere. When you see the effects of it after you use, you will not give it up and you will suggest it to people around.

Centaury oil preserves freshness and effectiveness for 2-3 years. I believe centaury oil will eventually have a place in modern medicine and even in emergency services in our world where herbal cures gets more and more attention. Hope you stay friends with medicinal herbs!

These are not doctor notice or suggestion. These are only informative.